Heritage on the Rhuys peninsula 

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Heritage and cultural activities
for your holiday in Arzon in Brittany

Follow in the footsteps of the Dukes of Brittany by visiting the castle of Suscinio in the town of Sarzeau. This majestic castle will immerse you in 800 years of history. The Morbihan Department, which has been restoring the site for more than 50 years, is fully committed to its mission of bringing this medieval beauty to life. This is reflected in year-round activities at the Suscinio Castle: immersive tours, storytelling siestas, crossbow shooting, nighttime shows…

For several centuries, this estate, nestled between woods and marshes, has been inviting you to continue your visit on the hiking trails from the castle of Suscinio.

Come and visit the megalithic site of the Cairn du Petit Mont. Proudly standing at the tip of the Rhuys Peninsula, you will be swept away through 6,000 years of history.

The historic site overlooks the Gulf of Morbihan and offers you a bird ‘s-eye view of its islands.

Next to Camping Le Tindio you will find a typical Breton village with beautiful exposed stones. Just a few steps from the campsite, come and visit the charming village of Kerners. Take a look at the chapel in the village of Kerners, a true source of pride for the inhabitants of the village. Then have a stroll through the narrow streets and admire the beautifully restored old houses. You will also see large and vast captains’ houses dating from the 19th century. These houses are recognisable by the star placed above the door or a window. Also pass by the Saint-Nicolas fountain with its remarkable architecture of beautiful carved stones, steps and a cross. ‘According to legend, a young girl could hope to get married within a year if she threw a hairpin in the fountain.’

Then head towards the Kerners Point to reach the Bilouris slipway. Take a moment to enjoy the panoramic view of Kerners Cove.