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Port Navalo- Port Crouesty

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Anchored in the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan, at the end of the Peninsula of Rhuys, the municipality of Arzon benefits from a special place enter on one side Atlantic Ocean and of the other one her "small sea" Then do not wait anymore and fast come to visit our beautiful destination. And to prepare your stay here is some ideas of visits to discover or to rediscover !


Le Cairn du Petit Mont

At the end of the Rhuys peninsula, in the commune of Arzon, the megalithic site of Petit Mont overlooks the ocean (the Mor Braz) and the Gulf of Morbihan.
Since this amazing view, you will discover a site that we travel as we read a fascinating story book.

From the builders of the Neolithic period to the Army of the Third Reich, Julius Caesar and the Gauls, major events of prehistory and history took place on the site of the Petit Mont.
The Petit Mont walk will allow you to contemplate the silhouette of Belle-Ile on the horizon and finish your efforts with a swim on the Fogeo beach or an ice cream on the port of Crouesty, depending on the direction you choose.


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Le Moulin de Pen Castel

Ancien moulin à marée du début du XIIe siècle.

We know that the last miller has ceased around 1921.The site is classified in 1933 and became a famous restaurant in the 1950 and 1960.

The mill has since 2007 owned by the municipality of Arzon.
Le Pen Castel mill is now managed by Arzon Events like cultural and artistic place.

Free access

Le Moulin de Pen Castel est aujourd'hui géré par Arzon Evènements, comme lieu culturel et artistique. 

Entrée Libre

Le Port du Crouesty

The first groundbreaking ceremony took place in 1973. Today Port Crouesty is the largest marina in Brittany with more than 1432 berths on pontoons, of which a hundred or so are for passing boats of up to 18 metres.

A dynamic harbour master's office, sunny little squares, lively shops, holiday homes with singular or typically Breton architecture ... everything contributes to giving the Port of Crouesty a dynamic and warm image.

Shops, restaurants, hotels live to the rhythm of the numerous nautical events: Grand Prix du Crouesty au Printemps, Morbihan Paddle Trophy, Salon Nautique Le Mille Sabords du Crouesty Golfe du Morbihan (All Saints' Day weekend), So many reasons that will make you come back to the Rhuys Peninsula all year round!

Port Navalo

Easily identified by its lighthouse green roof, Port Navalo delimits the Mor Braz and Mor Bihan. These two seas can form large tub day intensive distinguishing marine freshwater real sea dogs!

If you do not have sea legs you prefer to keep it down to admire the spectacle from the shore. Luckily, Port Navalo offers one of the most scenic walks passing you from the beach, south-facing orientation north picturesque harbor which reveal the horizon the many Gulf Islands.

This authentic Breton port is not less dynamic and offers many activities for walkers call there. Port Navalo is the pier for visiting the Gulf islands and their cousins of the Atlantic: Houat, Hoedic and Belle-Ile en Mer For a few hours or the whole day, aboard speedboats equipped against the roll or more

Traditionally aboard a tall ship, shipping companies, present on the port will awaken the adventurer in you! And if you do not definitely have the soul of a sailor, enjoy this beguiling maritime setting for your market (Friday morning Easter to Halloween).

Finally, since the air of the sea opens the appetite, you will find in every season an outdoor cafe table or a gourmet restaurant to enjoy the bustle of the port around a seafood platter or other local specialties