The Green Key

Our environmental  commitment


Public interes for ecological issues is constantly rising. 58.2% of France's population consider the environment to be a predominant factor in their choice of holiday accommodation. (BVA public opinion poll in April 2011)

In order to be an active part of this collective movement for change, we are pleased to announce that our facilities at the Le Tindio Municipal Campsite, have been awarded the Green Key, the top national and international eco-label for tourist accommodation and catering.

Le Tindio performed well in the Green Key's frame of reference. With both a general environment policy, and adpated strategies, we aim to reduce the impact our work has on the environment :

- Trought the management of our green spaces, and our commitment to the Zero Phyto programme    

- Trought our commitment to maintaining a destination accessible to all, under the "Tourism and Disability" label, for both walking and cycling

- By using 100% eco-friendly maintenance products

- By controlling our energy consumption, particulary water

- By discontinuing the use of single use disposable crockery

- By making clients aware of eco friendly behaviours and the responsible use of electronic goods

- By collecting rainwater to use for irrigation

- By replacing light fittings with LED bulbs

In 2015 the Green Key, the top national and international environment label, welcomed almost 2300 establishments to its network, across 5 continents, of wich more than 600 winners were from regions across France.

This eco-label is awarded to tourist accommodation (campsites, hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest rooms, holiday residences) and restaurants, which demonstrate effective, on-going and dynamic environmental management, as judged by an independent panel of experts.

The panel is made up of tourism experts, environmental experts, and sector professionals. They have great authority in the field of sustainable tourism, ad their backing is a strong vote of confidence for professionals committed to the Green Key programme, and for responsible holidaymakers.

The eco-label focuses on 7 major issues :  :

- Environmental policy, via responsible environmental management and the dedication and participation of staff members. 

- Making clients aware of their environmental impact in a positive way, encouraging respect for nature, its flora and fauna, responsible consumption of water and electricity, and giving them the opportunity separate their rubbish.

- Water management, via the establishment's equipment : use of water-saving taps, sustainable irrigation, and regular meter checks.

- Energy management, throught the use of energy-efficient light-bulbs, building insulation, renewable energy sources and regular meter checks.

- Waste management, throught separate waste collection, avoiding disposable crockery, and reducing the amount of waste..

- Responsible buying, via buying eco-label maintenance products, and local, oraganic and fair-trade food products.

- A way of life that is respectful of the environment and conducive to the sharing of natural resources.

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